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  Reviews For Product: Antivicrypt

    Antivicrypt   Hits: 252741 

  Repair all files damaged by viCrypt and remove vicrypt malware from your pc.

Version: 1.0   Platform(s): 98SE, Me, Windows NT, 2000, 2003, windows XP, Windows Vista   Updated: Wed 11 January 2017

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Current Rating Current Reviews     (5) Reviews 

I am very thankful to you guys.
September 18, 2009     Reviewed By: jcolem
I am very thankful to you guys. A good work you did here. Without Antivicrypt, i would be dead! Thanks to Exquisys software technology i've been able to repair all my files which were destroyed by vicrypt. All my outlook emails disappeared. When i opened my inbox i was shocked seeing nothing, but after running Antivicrypt i got all my emails back again. Keey it up. That's a great software! Thanks, thanks, thanks...

Thanks a million
September 19, 2009     Reviewed By: henrkcole
I was going mad since few days seeing all my files crashed with the vicrypt shit. I tried every ways i could to repair, restore my infected files. My mails, photos, videos, documents, and many other files were all gone. Many applications stopped working. I got my neighbour home, who calls himself an IT genius to solve the problem but all he could do is make me lose more files trying to recover them. I came across the antivicypt tool before but was afraid to install it. Then i said better take 1 more risk than losing everything at all. It repaired 7 of my mails and i started smiling. That's when i decided to purchase a full version of this tool. It's really worth the price. I have all my files back now. It repaired all my files and i could see system back how it was before. Except for the files that my so said IT Genius neighbour tried to repair. Thanx a million.

Best viCrypt Solution.
September 25, 2009     Reviewed By: William
Thanks guys for the superb Antivicrypt tool. I could get back all my files, except some which i manipulated manually. The mess has been cleaned from my computer. I would suggest to please try to see what you can do for liCrypt and fiCrypt since i can't find any solution for them anywhere. Anyways, thanks lots for the Antivicrypt tool. That's the best one. File recoveries do not work as smooth as this one.

I recommend Antivicrypt for viCrypt problem.
October 11, 2009     Reviewed By: Mabwad
Dear people, Antivicrypt is really best fitted for the viCrypt problem. I've tried other tools to recover or repair my files which were eaten by viCrypt, none of them work as perfectly as Antivicrypt. I had put Antivicrypt to search and repair in selected location (selected the drive name directly), and to my surprise, in about 2 or 3 minutes Antivicrypt repaired all 18,000 damaged files perfectly. Now all my applications work fine. All praises to Antivicrypt and Exquisys.

Excellent product!! highly recommended
October 17, 2009     Reviewed By: tj0501
i am very much thankful and glad i purchase the full version of it. i was thinking of reformatting my system but i am lazy for backing up my files. i found this antivicrypt and downloaded the trial version; it convinced me a bit but im still skeptical whether i buy it or not. to make the story short, it repairs and restores all my infected files 100% perfect job. it was a relief on me. thanks a lot.